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Our editorial team is acknowledged as a sector leader, with expertise extending from Formula One’s commentator and pundit, James Allen, who has represented ITV, BBC, ESPN, the Financial Times and Ten Sport, Giorgio Piola’s unparalleled technical archive of 8,000 drawings to a photo archive of 2 million assets and 600,000 news stories.

Our news crews deliver packaged video combing pre-recorded content from the paddock with teams and drivers with live track and stage action to provide a rich video capability, providing our clients with motorsport material in the content form that consumers demand

From this rich repository of staff capability, archive, presence on location and language & localisation capability, no-one is better placed to serve your editorial needs supplying news, feature, photo & video requirements.

Our editorial services are tailored to meet customer needs, from plug and play widget solutions delivering motor racing news directly to your web site without any technical development requirements to fully scalable API solutions.

Media Owners

Our staff.

Our editorial team includes’s current Editor-in-Chief Charles Bradley with a roster of leading staff journalists including Formula 1 Editor Jonathan Noble MotoGP Editor Oriol Puigdemont, European News Editor Pablo Elizalde, US Editor David Malsher, News Manager Nick DeGroot, NASCAR Editors Lee Spencer and Jim Utter, French Editor Guillaume Navarro, Italian Editor Franco Nugnes, Australian Editor Andrew van Leeuwen, UK Editor Jamie Klein, Russian Editor Aleksander Kabanovsky, Brazilian Editor Felipe Motta, German Editor Stefan Ziegler, Latin-American Editor Jose Roman, Middle East Editor Khodr Rawi, Indian Editor Darshan Chokhani, Canadian Editor René Fagnan and Japanese Editor Kunihiko Akai.

Media Owners
The greatest repository of multi-format content in motor racing
Media Owners
Over 2 millions images
Media Owners
40 channels of pre-record video and live tx


Motorsport Stats is proud of its unique expertise to translate motorsport data into intelligence that informs the fan and adds to the narrative experience, whether consumed via traditional linear broadcast or on mobile. Whatever the context, our deep sectorial knowledge allied to the most extensive data mart of two and four-wheeled motorsport allows our analysts to predict outcomes, to unpick the swing factors and colour in the motorsport story for your audience.

Our data services range from live to near time, to detailed bespoke research briefs and take form either as feeds for clients to develop their own solutions, or as endpoint products ready to deploy. Need an app? Most likely we have the solution at hand, without the requirement to invest in lengthy development projects with unproven outcomes.

What unifies our solutions is the desire to enrich an audience’s perspective and heighten their level of engagement in motorsport in all its forms.

Together with our unrivalled repository of editorial assets, our data services enable Motorsport Stats to provide complete content solutions to media companies, or to help brands and promoters generate compelling material for their audiences. Speak to us, because we’ve got it covered.

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If you’re a technologist, read on. Motorsport Stats offers both a Motorsport API (PULL) to support consumption across multiple content types from editorial and video material to motorsport stats & analytics as well as a Motorsport Real-time API (PUSH) to allow clients to subscribe to channels for real-time event updates via web, widget and mobile application.

Our feed solutions also support a number of legacy protocols from XML to JSON – please enquire for further detail.

Our API spans all major national and international series and supports industry web standards for data delivery including RESTful API delivering XML or JSON formatted data and utilizes simple key management to provide tiered access to different content and different motorsport championships.

Publishing Solutions.

ForixWire by Motorsport Network puts the world’s largest permanently staffed network of journalists and photographers at the disposal of your sports news desk for a fraction of the price of staffing Formula One and World Rally events around the world.

ForixWire provides breaking news, editorially-led news photography, classified results, rights-free short form video and all the graphics assets required in page-ready format from driver helmets to race car liveries to deliver a comprehensive service for sports desks to quickly identify and ingest content into publishing workflows.

ForixWire is easy to use by design. We curate the latest news and provide an array of supporting assets so your sub-editors and layup teams have everything they need. And our content is provided for a flat monthly fee with no restriction on usage or copyright restrictions on photography or video.

We have over 200 journalists across our 22 international offices at Motorsport Network who are celebrated for delivering best-in-class motorsport journalism in our own specialist titles and websites that include Autosport,, F1 Racing and Motorsport News. Our journalists report from trackside at hundreds of MotoGP, F1, NASCAR and WRC events around the world, ensuring your content is primary source, written by experienced and award-winning journalists with deep sectorial knowledge.

Our editors at ForixWire sub-edit motorsport content to make it relevant and appealing to a sports generalist audience.

Motorsport Network owns LAT Images, the world’s largest archive of 13m+ motoring and motorsport images and their staff photographers ensure ForixWire benefits from an unparalleled news, reportage and archive array of imagery.

As a rights holder to a number of international motorsport championships, our OTT, broadcast and production operation has rights access to produce and syndicate short form motorsport video.

Every season our graphic artists create over 300 livery drawings of MotoGP bikes to Formula One race cars and faithfully reproduce (and update) driver helmet designs. These assets are uniquely available through ForixWire, together with infographics and other visual assets.

Front-end Solutions.

Motorsport Stats’ portfolio of web and mobile applications provide publishers, brands and rights holders with a suite of discrete content elements through to complete serviced solutions.

Still, technology is not a solution in itself and nor does it provide Motorsport Stats with a unique advantage. What does make us your compelling partner of choice is access to the world’s largest global community of motorsport fans which gives us the privilege of being able to provide the pathway and the audience at the destination. With 47 million page views on our channels every month, we are the leading motorsport and automotive digital publisher in the world.


Our widget portfolio allows media owners to tailor plug-in content solutions to their audiences, whether full-scale race day live solutions for international websites or selected, individual elements to add colour and engagement to sponsor internal communications initiatives.

Motorsport Stats’ deliver a rich content stream of motorsport news, stories, live commentary, performance analytics and real-time prediction aswell as video & imagery to client websites.

The widgets are served into client website or mobile container pages and can be designed to look and feel as fully integrated, native content presented as editorial or as brand-sponsored content to assist in driving revenues. We know which widgets work, because we’ve trialled them in front of the world’s largest digital motorsport community.

Our widget portfolio is in a constant state of evolution with new modules added to the suite so that website owners can increment their content offer on a scheduled basis. We work hand-in-hand to help you build a content proposition to grow audiences, target content sponsorship & advertising revenues, or acquire new customers.

Native Content

Widgets integrate into your existing site architecture and are rendered using native look and feel by adopting local CSS-Style Sheet conventions, enabling site owners to add content that supports their audience user experience. Individual widgets can be customized to fit required dimensions in page inventory, and widgets can be served into client website or mobile container pages.

Native Content
Modular Commercial


All of our widgets are available as individual elements from both our editorial and analytical content supply.

Alongside individual widget selections, media owners can opt for page-ready widget packages, providing either a basic level of motorsport content, or the fully-scaled RaceCentre Live, providing fans with an insightful and interactive experience.


Motorsport Stats widgets have been developed with the scope to integrate branding for content sponsors, digital advertising and click-thru technologies for customer acquisition, thus delivering content that drives commercial potential.


Our widget content can be supplied in any of’s 15 operating languages.

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M-Drive is Motorsport Stats’ proprietary subscription dashboard that operates across online and mobile, enabling fans to generate their own analytics queries through simple drag and drop tiles, combined with a news & video feed, e-merchandising solutions, fan polling and where appropriate, live timing, to provide a comprehensive motorsport companion app.

M-Drive can be adopted to provide the platform for series-specific apps for promoter use while each of the content modules can be fed into container pages in client apps to provide a tailored solution across editorial, analytics and e-commerce for ticketing, merchandise and other retail application backed by’s multi-currency transaction platform and global fulfilment capability.


The Motorsport Network’s deep seam of journalistic resource together with Motorsport Stats’ analysts and data visualisers together provides an unrivalled motorsport research and content production capability.

Our teams produce broadcast commentator briefing packs, infographics for print-ready publishing and fan surveys and market intelligence.

With a studio that operates in unison with our analysts and editorial team, we have all the necessary elements of the process in one place, and with the deep knowledge required to communicate sporting content.

Our offline research and content services are varied and normally commissioned to address a specific client requirement, so please let us know how we can assist you.

Bundles and Managed Content Solutions.

As a vertical expert, Motorsport Stats can provide its customers from media owners to series promoters with end-to-end solutions on both a branded and white label basis.

Our content bundles are compiled to meet express requirements, from both localisation in language versions to ensuring content is fit for purpose for varying audience interests. Our bundles are also optimised for platform, from offline publishing to web and mobile.

Motorsport Stats full suite of solutions starts with API access and ends at our full service solution where we provide the complete content management capability for your media channels – whether specific web pages, mobile container pages or complete sites, built on our extensive experience of global editorial management of the sport’s most successful network of websites.

Data Consulting.

Most rights-holders are aware of the inherent value in their data assets, but many are challenged by the uncertainty of the up-front cost and the array of technology approaches that will best unlock revenues.

We’ve navigated this road plenty of times before, so we can help make sense of options available. Our strategic consultancy advice can assist you with realising the value in live, near-time and archive motorsport data.

Our solutions consulting spans all aspects of successful data strategy planning, from developing mission-specific technology stacks to advising on robust rights sales valuations and pricing strategies. We can help bring the potential in your assets out into the daylight and help you understand its real value in the marketplace.

Our consulting practice also enables strategic advice to be knitted together with proven technology solutions from the Motorsport Stats armoury – so you won’t be paying for ground-up thinking, nor risking your objectives on unproven solutions.

Aside from providing the thinking, we also do the doing and are specialists in the results archiving, historical data acquisition and cleansing. If you don’t know where to start, we can provide the rigour and experience to assemble your data solution.