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Unusual IndyCar Stats: 'Mosts'
Laura Leslie brings you some unusual 'mosts' from IndyCar history
Aug 08, 2021 at 12:00 AM
by: Laura Leslie
Indy Car Series

Most starts in a single season:

  • Bill Holland started a whopping 41 AAA sanctioned races during the 1946 calendar year. Holland had a best end of season finish of 2nd in the 1947 AAA championship and he won a total of 3 races during his AAA Championship career. Holland even has an F1 podium finish to his name after coming 2nd in the 1950 Indy 500, a Formula One World Championship event at the time.

Most 2nd place finishes in a single season without a win:

  • Tom Sneva managed to score 6 2nd place finishes in the 1978 season, however a win would elude him. This didn’t stop the American driver from sealing the USAC National Championship, what would be his 2nd title of an eventual 4 in his career. Danny Ongais would win the most number of races in the 1978 season, 5, however inconsistent results throughout the season meant he would only finish the year in 8th

Most starts in a single season without recording a top 10 finish:

  • Brazilian driver Luiz Garcia Jr started 19 races in the 2000 CART season, not once did he record a top 10 finish. Garcia Jr’s best finish was an 11th place in Michigan and in 11 of his 19 starts he would finish outside the top 15. Garcia Jr would only start 2 more CART races in his career, neither of them saw him finish inside the top 25.

Most starts without a win:

  • Raul Boesel was an ever-present figure on the American open-wheel racing circuit for nearly 2 decades. In total the Brazilian driver would start 199 races, however he would never stand on the top step of the podium in any of those races. Boesel scored a total of 5 2nd place finishes, including 3 in 1993 alone.

Most starts without a top 5 finish:

  • “King Hiro” was what Emerson Fittipaldi coined as a nickname for Japanese driver Hiro Matsushita. Unfortunately it wasn’t meant as a compliment as Matsushita often had a habit of getting in the way of the leaders as they came up to lap him, causing Fittipaldi to scream an obscenity over the radio which sounded “King Hero”. Matsushita did have one record to his name though, he started 117 races without scoring a single top 5 finish. The highlight of his career was a 6th place finish in the 1995 Michigan 500.