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Motorsport Stats is the business-to-business arm of the Motorsport Network, packaging and supplying editorial content from motor racing’s richest repository of material. As our name suggests, we’re experts in the analysis and visualisation of motorsport data to drive narrative.

But we do more, much more in packaging data stories with primary source breaking news, video content, infographics and photography to help media owners, sports promoters, brands and bookmakers to grow their audiences and engagement in motorsport.

Motor racing is by its very nature a complex sporting proposition. Our domain knowledge, drawn from staff who have worked in the top echelons of the motorsport sector, is allied to an editorial sensitivity to finding the story that unpicks the contribution of driver from car. Our application of analytics to big data allows us to lead your audiences into the realms of prediction, to vest them in the racing context and ultimately deliver a more engaged and informed fan.

Our analysts and journalists have deep sectorial knowledge in all forms of motorsport – at the track, on the stage, on two wheels or four. We span all of the world’s leading series from MotoGP and Formula One to single-seater feeder series, sports and touring cars.

We work with all of motor racing’s varied stakeholders – not just the obvious promoters, federations and media companies, but car manufacturers, sponsors & book-makers.